Fish List 08-10-18

FRESH FISH & Meats 08-10-18
All of our fish is brought in Friday and Saturday we only sell on those two days so you know it is the freshest fish in town we get it from the  most reputable supplier in the USA.

Fresh Wild Alaskan Halibut 23/lb
Fresh Hawaiian Sushi Tuna 31/lb
Fresh Alaskan King Salmon 35
Fresh Yellow Perch Lake Superior 17/lb
Fresh Lake Superior Walleye   17/lb
Fresh Coho Salmon Wild  16;lb
Fresh Sardines  6/lb
Fresh Sockeye Salmon 20/lb
Fresh Boston Cod      16/lb
Fresh U10 Maine Dry Scallops 24/lb
Fresh Bay Scallops Canada  21/lb
Fresh Petrales Oregon Sole 16/lb
Fresh Scottish Salmon 12/lb
USA 12 Ct Gulf Shrimp Head Off 13/lb
Maine Lobster Tails  29/lb

Local Lamb Chop Racks Breeze Illinois  16/lb
Grass Fed Ribeye Steaks Cape Girardeau Mo   17/lb
Prime New York Strip    22/lb
Buttonwood Farm Free Range Chickens  3.50/lb

Our Scottish salmon is absolutely the finest around and uses no antibotics in the farming process wild King Salmon coming back Early May 2017