Starrs began roasting coffee in 1979 with a fluid bed Sivitz Roaster. We still have the same roast although it is slightly different for stock and sadly an antique
as Mike Sivitz the manufacturer died in 2012 and the company is no longer in business.  We roast in 40 pound batches daily using the best beans that money can buy. I have been buying our coffee from the same importer for about 25 years and they offer a wide range of interesting beans.

                                                                                          Current Roasts
Colombian Supremo                 7.99/lb
Starrs Blend                             7.99/lb
Mocha Java                              9.99/lb
Bud's Dark                               9.49/lb
Sumatra                                  10.99/lb
French Roast                              8.99/lb
Decaff Water Process Colombian 10.99/lb