Fish List 06 24 17

Fresh Fish 06 24 17
Fish arrives on Friday at 11AM

Fresh Sockeye Alaskan Salmon Filets                                  17.99LB
Fresh Alaskan Halibut                                                        22.99/lb
Fresh Boston Cod  Filets Skinless                                        18.99/lb
Fresh Scottish Salmon Filets                                               11.99/lb
Fresh Hawaian Sushi Grade Skinless  Tuna                          26.99/lb
Fresh Maine U10/15 Dry Scallops                                        22.99/lb
Fresh Walleye Lake Superior                                               16.99/lb
Fresh Maine Sole                                                                16.50 lb
Gulf USA 12 Ct Shrimp Wild Caught no presevatives              14.99/lb 
Canadian Lobster Tails Approx 12oz each                             26.99/lb
Frozen U10 Scallops(we freeze them )                                 16.99/lb

Our Scottish salmon is absolutely the finest around and uses no antibotics in the farming process wild King Salmon coming back Early May 2017